30 Sep

Routemaster Restoration

Routemaster Restoration in progress

Routemaster restoration nearly finished

Finishing touches being put on restored Routemaster

The process for restoring our Classic Routemaster Buses, is a long and slow process.  We completely strip the buses back to the bare minimum, re-cut all the metal panels, and basically change every thing on the bus.  We also will only use genuine Routemaster Parts, which can cause long delays, as you cant just go to Halfords to buy these, it takes a lot of time and effort to find.

We are so particular in our restorations, that even will only use genuine light-bulbs and not take the easy option as many other company's do and put in strip lighting.  All the seats are recovered, new flooring, and a beautiful paint job, in the original colours that these buses were when they left the factory.

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